For the sake of a sustainable, bright future,
new-generation technologies and products


Panasonic Eco Solutions Turkey operates out of industrial plants established in Istanbul, and aims to provide global markets with innovative products and solutions offering comfort, safety, and energy efficiency with the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved in mind.

With a history dating back to 1966, and a brand name enjoying stellar levels of brand recognition, VIKO had been operating, since the merger in 2014, as a subsidiary of Panasonic Eco Solutions, a part of global tech giant Panasonic Corporation.

Deemed one of the best of the industry worldwide, the firm′s industrial plants implementing Industry 4.0 practices with the technological infrastructure and superstructure of the facilities, Panasonic Eco Solutions Turkey’s plant boasts a capacity to manufacture 100 million power switches and sockets per year. The firm also successfully implements R&D, innovation and design activities with a view to produce solutions to meet customer expectations and to offer innovative products.

Power Switches and Sockets, Group-Sockets, Fuse Boxes, Accessories, Low-Voltage Switch Products, Electronic Power Meters, Automated Meter Reading Systems, Building Automation Systems, LED Lighting Products, Professional Tools, Solar Panels, Security Camera Systems, and Fire Detection Systems are among the elements of the firm’s product range. In addition to maintaining its leadership in Turkish market for power switches and sockets, our firm successfully represents Panasonic and VIKO brands worldwide, with exports to more than 70 countries.

Having achieved the distinctions of Recognized Brand and Super Brand, our firm is ranked among top 500 Industrial Giants of Turkey, and boasts a R&D Center that represents the first to have been approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in its sector. Moreover, as a result of its perspective emphasizing product quality and safety and environmental concerns, it implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environment Management, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, and ISO 27001 Information Security Systems.

Defining sustainability as a corporate asset, our firm has been implementing major corporate social responsibility projects creating value for the future. Furthermore, it prioritizes more efficient use of resources in product design, production and building management processes. Believing that success requires a holistic enterprise-wide vision, Panasonic Eco Solutions Turkey furthers its superior technological strengths in the design, production and presentation of products and solutions to make life easier, through the dynamism and never ceasing development of its human resources.


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